Pourable Concrete Filler - 10kg

Pourable Concrete Filler - 10kg

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The quickest and easiest way to fill holes on busy concrete floors, inside and out - with the lowest price guaranteed.

Perfect for durable, long lasting concrete repairs on heavily trafficked floors, floorsaver Pourable Concrete Filler is ready for foot traffic after only 1 hour, and heavy use after 4 hours. 

Watch our how to mix and apply video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlL0NTBd8zs

Mix and pour - no primer required

Just add water and mix in the bucket provided

Ready to walk on after 1 hour

floorsaver Pourable Concrete Filler is best suited to holes in excess of 5mm thick. floorsaver Pourable Concrete Filler has been blended with polymers and accelerators. Just use as much as you need, mix with water, then pour straight into the hole - no wastage! Use in areas of heavy wear and tear such as factories, driveways, warehouses, car parks, etc.

Please note: we cannot accept returns for this product as they are cementitious.

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      Step 1 - Preparation:

      • Minimal preparation is required. floorsaver Pourable Concrete Filler is easy to use. Sweep out any loose stuff from the hole and that's about it.
      • If the repair will be heavily trafficked, (for instance forklifts) chip around the edge of the repair so that the Pourable Concrete Filler is a minimum of 3-5 mm thick around these areas. Scrape off any old paint (it doesn't matter if some well bonded paint remains) and cut out any concrete that has been contaminated with oil or fats. No need to prime. You can apply the filler to damp (not wet) surfaces.


      Step 2 - Mixing:

      • Remove the bag of powder from the bucket. The mix is 1 part water to 3 parts powder. Use a measuring jug or old cup to pour water into the bucket. You may want to start with a smaller mix until you get used to it.
      • You will need a mixing blade (we can supply one) fitted into an electric drill. Gradually add your powder. It's important to do it this way round, and until you get a pourable (slightly runny porridge) mix. If it's too stiff quickly add a drop more water, but if it's too runny add some more powder.
      • Only mix up what you can use within 10 minutes. Don't remix it once you have completed your initial mix (since the mixture will have started curing).


      Step 3 - Application:

      • Pour it into the hole. If you've got the mix right it will naturally 'self-level' although you may wish to smooth it off with a trowel.
      • Tools can be cleaned in water.
      Interior/exterior usage Suitable for interior and exterior use
      Coverage 10kg: Approx. 0.2m² at 25mm thick & 25kg: Approx. 0.5m²  at 25mm thick
      Finish Slip resistant finish
      Setting Time

      Drying time at a temperature of 10℃:

      • Initial Set - Dries quickly so only mix what you can use within 10 minutes
      • Foot traffic - 1 hour
      • Heavy traffic (vehicles and forklifts) - 4 hours
      Shelf Life Shelf Life - 12 months, if unopened and should not be allowed to freeze


      We don't recommend:

      • Using at temperatures below 5℃.
      • Using on slopes, step nosings, etc. since the product is pourable. For this type of repair use floorsaver Mouldable Concrete Filler or for surface imperfections (rather than 'big holes') use floorsaver Crack & Hole Filler.
      • Using at a depth of more than 100mm in one go. For very deep holes, allow a 100mm thick layer to dry for 12 hours , at a minimum temperature of 10℃, before applying the next.

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      Safety Sheet



      Ask a Question
      • A: Hi, I would advise filling and then grinding back. This would be more likely to give you a more consistent finish. Though it is important that the product is left to fully cure before grinding (at least a day or two). If you are painting afterwards it would be simpler to do it the other way around as it wont be visible after being painted. I hope this helps but give us a call if you would like to talk it through.

      • A: The Pourable Filller dries to what we would call a 'mid grey' finish (battleship grey).

      • A: Hi,

        The Pourable Concrete Filler would be fine for a drive way, it will dry a similar colour ot dark concrete os is unlikely to look like tarmac but would work to fill the hole.

        It is mixed to a water like consistency, so cannot be used on a gradient, but other than that it is perfect.

        Kind Regards,

      • A: Hi,

        The mixing instructions of this product would produce a wter like pourable product. However, if you eanted to mix in less water and shape the product this would not be a problem.

        However, if the entire project would be completeing repairs like this you may prefer to use our Mouldable Concrete Filler.

        I hope this helps.

        Kind Regards,


      • A: Yes – Pourable Concrete Filler is perfectly fine being used outside – it just needs to be above 5 degrees C to cure.

      • A: This is a pourable repair for concrete potholes and large repair area in a powder form that you add water to and then pour.
        We wouldn’t recommend pouring in between slabs as we could not confirm its performance and compatibility.

      • A:

        Thanks for your question, Pourable Concrete Filler is not waterproofer I’m afraid. If there is damp, then a damp proof membrane would need to be applied to stop the damp and unfortunately we do not manufacture any, but it would be possible to coat on top of Pourable Concrete Filler with most coatings in this case.

      • A: Our pourable concrete filler is better for pot holes and larger repairs. For this type of application our Pourable Concrete Leveller would be better for you. 20kg will cover approx. 3m2 @ 3mm thick.

      • A: The pourable concrete filler is a fast reactive concrete and resin repair products. It is a dry powder mixed with water and poured in to a pot hole or mould to create a fast drying hard wearing concrete finish. I would not recommend pouring it over a floor to counteract dusting or breaking up concrete as it would be brittle if too thin.

        However, if you could remove the surface dust/imperfections and would then wish to re-level the floor,  you could use our Pourable Concrete Levelle.  This would create a smooth hard wearing finish to the entire surface that would take heavy traffic at just 3mm deep.

      • A: Yes, if you have a strong enough drill bit this should be fine. We would recommend leaving it 48 hours to fully cure first.

      • A: Hi, this is is a resin based concrete product which will set very quickly. It can be painted over and is often done using our paint systems. If using our two pack water based epoxy (Floorsaver: Epoxy Floor Paint) it can be painted the following day in most cases. However if you are looking to use our ready mixed polyurethane system (Floorsaver: Floor Paint), it can still be painted but would be left for 3-4 days before applying this coating due to its solvent based nature.

      • A: This product will stick to most surfaces and should be fine to fill these voids. It will just need to be sound and have no movement. Obviously you would need to seek specialist advice regarding asbestos removal if the tiles or the adhesive below is going to be disturbed.