Pourable Concrete Leveller

Pourable Concrete Leveller

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The quick and easy way to resurface a rough, worn or pitted concrete floor into a hardwearing surface. Pourable Concrete Leveller is a high strength floor levelling compound, supplied with two primers to ensure you get the best results.

Extra strength self-levelling compound

Takes forklift traffic at just 3mm thick

Can be painted for stain resistance and easy cleaning

Primers included


Floorsaver Pourable Concrete Leveller, is a remarkably strong polymer and cement based floor levelling compound which transforms a rough, worn, uneven pitted concrete floor into a heavy duty, dust free surface. The polymer in Pourable Concrete Leveller gives the extra strength needed to create a heavy duty surface that can withstand forklift traffic at just 3mm thick. It's easy to apply; simply pour it from the bucket and guide it with a trowel, it will self-level afterwards. Self levelling compound suitable for interior use.  It can be left as the final finish or painted with our Epoxy Floor Paint.

Everyday cement based/ concrete levellers are usually used as a screed under tiles or wood, whereas the Pourable Concrete Leveller is a finished, hard wearing surface that easily withstands vehicle traffic. It can also be painted to help resist staining and to make it easier to clean, or just left as it is. The two primers need to be applied to bare concrete before using the Pourable Concrete Leveller, which are provided in the pack. If applying over well bonded paint, the surface should be sanded back and only primer 2 is required.  

Please note: we cannot accept returns for this product as they are cementitious.

Step 1 – Preparation

    • Floorsaver Pourable Concrete Leveller must go onto a clean surface. If it’s dusty give it a good sweep, but if it’s greasy or oily clean it with floorsaver Cleaner & Degreaser.
    • If the concrete has been painted, remove as much of the paint as possible paying particular attention to any weak or poorly bonded areas. It doesn’t matter if the floor is not bone dry, but it can’t be wet! However, on very warm days it’s best to lightly dampen the surface with water before going onto Step 2.


      Step 2 – Prime the surface with Primer 1 (unpainted/bare, porous surfaces only)

        • With a soft broom cover the entire area with the Primer 1 and leave it for around 2-3 hours, but for best results leave it overnight before applying Primer 2. Primer 1 is designed to penetrate and bind the concrete surface as well as sealing it to help prevent air bubbles appearing in the leveller.


          Step 3 – Prime the surface with Primer 2

            • After leaving Primer 1 to dry for at least 2-3 hours, preferably overnight, the Primer 2 can be applied, using the broom. Use as much as your surface needs to leave a thin film of primer covering the floor. Don’t leave any sitting or puddling on the surface. Excess Primer 2 should be swept away otherwise puddles of primer can bleed through the Pourable Concrete Leveller which can cause patchiness. As soon as you’ve applied Primer 2 you can move on to Step 4.


              Step 4 – Mixing the polymer and powder together

                • There is a bottle of polymer and a bag of powder. Just tip the polymer into the big 20kg bucket and little by little add the powder and mix it together using a Mixing Blade fitted into a slow speed electric drill. Avoid using a high speed drill as it’s messy and it will draw too much air into the mix which can cause air bubbles. As you are mixing it, be sure to remove any mix from the sides and bottom of the bucket so it’s all blended together and looks uniform in colour. As soon as it’s mixed use it straight away.

                Step 5 – Application

                  • Pour it onto the area as evenly as possible, and using a trowel, help guide it towards the edges and corners. It’s impossible to avoid air bubbles, but these can be eliminated by using a Spiked Roller. Spike rollering should take place straight away. Don’t spike roller for more than a maximum of 20 minutes (less on very warm days) as by then the Pourable Concrete Leveller would have started to dry and you’ll be left with spike roller marks.
                      • For application, the temperature should be a minimum of 15°C or above for it to dry. Avoid application in very hot conditions (over 60°C) as it will start to dry too quickly making it hard to use, and can cause problems with the overall finish.
                      • 20kg covers approx. 3m² at 3mm thick.
                      • Clean tools in water.


                        Primer Application of 2 Primers is required
                        Interior/exterior usage Suitable for interior use only
                        Uses Pourable Concrete Leveller / Self Levelling Compound 
                        Drying times Foot Traffic
                        • 6 hours
                        Heavy Traffic
                        • Vehicles and forklifts 24-36 hours
                        Coverage 20kg covers approx. 3m² at 3mm thick
                        • Dust free
                        • Minimum application temperatures: 10°C
                        Shelf life 12 months, if unopened and should not be allowed to freeze


                        We don't recommend:

                          • Applying outside since it can crack while drying under certain weather conditions.
                          • Using at temperatures below 10°C.
                          • Leaving Pourable Concrete Leveller unpainted if aesthetics are important. It is common for any cement based product to look a little patchy, so if this is an issue it is best to paint it to achieve a nice uniform finish.
                          • Using on slopes, step nosings, etc. since this product is pourable. In such cases, to overcome surface imperfections use Epoxy Repair Mortar.
                          • Using at a depth of more than 10mm in one go. Pourable Concrete Leveller can be applied in layers but do not use Primer 1 between the layers only Primer 2 is needed.
                          • Spike rollering for more than 20 minutes (less so on very warm days).

                            Product Information Sheet


                            Additive Solution Safety Sheet


                            Powder Safety Sheet


                            Primer 1 Safety Sheet


                            Primer 2 Safety Sheet


                            QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

                            Ask a Question
                            • A: This would dpeend highly on the depth, @ 3mm it would cover 3m2

                            • A: Unfortunately not, the Leveller is specific for concrete surfaces only.

                            • A: Hi, this product can be applie between 3mm and 10mm in one application. at 6mm thick each 20kg bucket would cover 1.5m2

                            • A: Hi, it could selaed and polished if preferred. Though the product is strong enough to be left as the wearing finish, it is worth noting that you do often get reasonable shade variation across the floor, this happens natrually due to the cement content.

                            • A: Hi, the Pourable Concrete Leveller will cover 3m2, per 20kg @ an average of 3mm deep. Of course coverage does reduce with depth but if i can help at all, please get in touch.
                              Kind Regards,

                            • A: Hi Andy,

                              Thank you for your enquiry,  This is absolutley fine for a garage floor as it will be able to withstand vehicular movement - even forklifts,  pallet trucks etc. Ideally 15 degrees would be best althoughthis would be fine to apply at temps as low as 10 degrees - just may take a bit longer to cure, anything lower than 10 degrees could affect the curing altogether so we do not advise applying lower than this unles the area can be heated.

                              If i can help further please let me know.



                            • A: Hi Jim,

                              Thats correct, the product will cover 3m2 @ 3mm deep, so for 6m2 you would require two. Please ensure the product is kept between 3mm and 10mm in depth, although hard wearing and paintable, it is not suitable for use where you require a feather edge.

                              Kind Regards,

                            • A: Hi, sorry but this product is for internal use only.

                            • A: We have not tested water based floor varnishes on the Pourable Concrete Leveller. We would recommend a trial area if you proceed.

                            • A: Hi David, the product will be fine provided the concrete is not saturated.  Pourable Concrete Leveller contains water so is entirely compatible with a damp surface.  


                            • A: I am sorry it cannot be used outside because under certain weather conditions it can crack and craze as it dries out.

                            • A: It comes with two primers so you don't need to buy anything else! Our data sheet explains step by step how to use the primers.  Here's the link https://www.floorsaver.co.uk/products/pourable-concrete-leveller-20kg