Mouldable Concrete Filler - 10kg

Mouldable Concrete Filler - 10kg

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A top tier solution for long lasting, durable concrete repairs to damage in tricky areas. Perfect for reliable, high strength repairs that can be moulded into shape, floorsaver Mouldable Concrete Filler is versatile, fast acting, hard wearing, easy to use and suitable for interior and exterior use.


Simply mix with water and mould into shape

No priming, just push it in and smooth it off

Easily shaped for kerbs and nosings

Floorsaver Mouldable Concrete Filler, based on a blend of powder polymers and cement, is used to repair step nosings, kerb edges, broken stonework, etc. It gives a very high strength repair; what makes it different is that the mix becomes pliable and you can use as much or as little as you like - no wastage! Just push a handful in place and then use a wet trowel, knife or gloved hand to mould it into shape. It's hard in 1hour and rock solid in 2. It is non-dusting and can be painted, or left as it is.

Please note: we cannot accept returns for this product as they are cementitious.

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Step 1 - Preparation:

  • Use at temperatures above 5℃
  • Use a stiff brush to remove any loose dirt, dust or other contamination. Scrape off as much existing paint as possible.
  • Dampen dry surfaces with cold water.


Step 2 - Mixing:

  • Only mix as much as you can use in 5-10 minutes.
  • The mix ratio is 7 parts powder to 1 part water by volume, or 10 parts powder to 1 part water by weight. A 10 kg unit will produce approximately 5L of repair material.
  • It's important to add the powder to the water, not the other way round!
  • You can use some powder from the pack and mix with a little water to get the feel of it. It's probably easiest to wear disposable gloves to mix and knead it by hand, or use a paper cup to help get your 7 to 1 ratio by volume.
  • If your initial mix is too dry and crumbly, add some water immediately. If the mix is too runny, add some more powder.
  • The secret is not to mix any further after 2-3 minutes, since the mixture will have started curing and the structure of the mix will be damaged and crumble.


Step 3 - Application:

  • Dampen the area to be repaired with water.
  • Push the mixture into place using a wet gloved hand or trowel, then shape as required.
  • Each mix is usable for 5-10 minutes at 15-20℃.
  • Wash tools in water.
Primer No primer required
Interior/exterior usage Suitable for interior and exterior use
Uses Moudable concrete repair for step nosings, kerb edges, broken stonework, etc 
Drying times

At 15-20℃:

  • Initial Set - 10 minutes
  • Hard dry - 1 hour
  • Full Strength - 2 hours
  • At 10℃ and below, drying times will be longer. As a guide, allow 24 hours at 5℃.
  • Can be painted after 2 hours
Coverage A 10 kg unit will produce approximately 5L of repair material. As a guide, 5L will cover 1m² at a depth of 2mm
  • Minimum application temperature: 5℃
  • Dries rapidly - sets in just 10 minutes
  • Each mix is usable for 5-10 minutes at 15-20℃
Shelf life 12 months if unopened. Do not allow to freeze

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Ask a Question
  • A: Hi, for a missing section or large chip this ould be used and simply pushed in to place and shaped with wet hands to match the surrounding surface. It does need to be 5mm in depth to bond correctly. If too large it could drop out before it cures correctly, in this instnace you would either layer it or se our epoxy repair mortar as an alterntive. The epoxy repair mortar can be feather edged.

  • A: Hi, im afraid they can be difficult to get rid of. You could try using our Floor Etcher, though this can eat away slightly at the top of the concrete also. There are products for tyre mark removal available on the market but i am afraid i could not say whether they are effective or not personally.

  • A: Hi, this would be suitable for heavy traffic, provided it has enough depth to bond properly. It can be mixed a little wetter to make it easier to fill the whole. It does need at least 5mm in depth to bond correctly and cannot be feather edged.

  • A: The best product we would have to repair stone nosings is Mouldable Concrete Filler. It is mixed with water and easy to use, and can be moulded into shape so ideal for stair nosings, kerbs and similar.

    10kg will give approx. 5l of repair, 1m2 @ 2mm thick.

  • A: Hi, we have a product called Floor Joint Sealant 310ml that would be suitable for this project.

  • A: We would suggest a maximum of 50mm per application when using this product, It will adhere to itself well so you can do multiple applications.