Pourable Concrete Filler - 25kg

Pourable Concrete Filler - 25kg

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Perfect for durable, long lasting concrete repairs on heavily trafficked floors, floorsaver Pourable Concrete Filler is ready for foot traffic after only 1 hour, and heavy use after 4 hours, making it the quickest and easiest way to fill holes on busy concrete floors, inside and out.


Watch our how to mix and apply video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlL0NTBd8zs


Mix and pour - no primer required

Just add water and mix in the bucket provided

Ready to walk on after 1 hour

Use as much as you need


floorsaver Pourable Concrete Filler is best suited to holes in excess of 5mm thick. floorsaver Pourable Concrete Filler has been blended with polymers and accelerators. Just use as much as you need, mix with water, then pour straight into the hole - no wastage! Use in areas of heavy wear and tear such as factories, driveways, warehouses, car parks, etc.

Please note: we cannot accept returns for this product as they are cementitious.

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      Step 1 - Preparation:

      • Minimal preparation is required. floorsaver Pourable Concrete Filler is easy to use. Sweep out any loose stuff from the hole and that's about it.
      • If the repair will be heavily trafficked, (for instance forklifts) chip around the edge of the repair so that the Pourable Concrete Filler is a minimum of 3-5 mm thick around these areas. Scrape off any old paint (it doesn't matter if some well bonded paint remains) and cut out any concrete that has been contaminated with oil or fats. No need to prime. You can apply the filler to damp (not wet) surfaces.


      Step 2 - Mixing:

      • Remove the bag of powder from the bucket. The mix is 1 part water to 3 parts powder. Use a measuring jug or old cup to pour water into the bucket. You may want to start with a smaller mix until you get used to it.
      • You will need a mixing blade (we can supply one) fitted into an electric drill. Gradually add your powder. It's important to do it this way round, and until you get a pourable (slightly runny porridge) mix. If it's too stiff quickly add a drop more water, but if it's too runny add some more powder.
      • Only mix up what you can use within 10 minutes. Don't remix it once you have completed your initial mix (since the mixture will have started curing).


      Step 3 - Application:

      • Pour it into the hole. If you've got the mix right it will naturally 'self-level' although you may wish to smooth it off with a trowel.
      • Tools can be cleaned in water.
      Interior/exterior usage Suitable for interior and exterior use
      Coverage 10kg: Approx. 0.2m² at 25mm thick & 25kg: Approx. 0.5m²  at 25mm thick
      Finish Slip resistant finish
      Setting Time

      Drying time at a temperature of 10℃:

      • Initial Set - Dries quickly so only mix what you can use within 10 minutes
      • Foot traffic - 1 hour
      • Heavy traffic (vehicles and forklifts) - 4 hours
      Shelf Life Shelf Life - 12 months, if unopened and should not be allowed to freeze


      We don't recommend:

      • Using at temperatures below 5℃.
      • Using on slopes, step nosings, etc. since the product is pourable. For this type of repair use floorsaver Mouldable Concrete Filler or for surface imperfections (rather than 'big holes') use floorsaver Crack & Hole Filler.
      • Using at a depth of more than 100mm in one go. For very deep holes, allow a 100mm thick layer to dry for 12 hours , at a minimum temperature of 10℃, before applying the next.

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      Ask a Question
      • A: Hi, the pourable concrete filler would work provided you have a solid cavity to pour it in to. However, as you are using it for a structual support I would advise using our Epoxy Repair Mortar instead. It takes a little more work to mix and trowel finish to get it level but it would be stronger than the pourable filler.

      • A: Hi, the Pourable Concrete Filler would be the best product. it is mixed with water and simply poured in, up to level. Though you would only want ot mix it in very small qunatities as it sets quickly. Though this could easily be done, simply mix 1 part water to 3 parts powder (1L for every 3kgs) and you cna add a little extra water for these small holes to make it easier to pour in.

      • A: Hi, the product dries extrmeley quickly but i am afraid i could not gaurantee that submerging it in water that wuickly would not cause it to depond from the surface. If you could apply it at the earliest point (as tide moves away) and give it the longest possible window on warm day it could work.
        However, please note that the product has low viscosity and may not be suitable on a gradient. For more info on the consistency, watch our YouTube video fo the application (there is a link to the page on the product page on our website)

      • A: Hi, as long as the prodcut has a minimum depth of 5mm this could easily be poured in around the pipe to make good. Ths would be quick and easy to use in this way.

      • A: Hi, sorry if this is not clear, it is covered under the technical spec tab: 
        "10kg: Approx. 0.2m² at 25mm thick & 25kg: Approx. 0.5m²  at 25mm thick"

      • A: Hi, 

        The product can fill the majority of the dprth, but would not be able to be poured up to level on a significant gradient. The product is mixed to a thick water consistency and then poured in, if you have quite a slope then the product would run out of the repair on one side before completely filling it.

      • A: Hi, to allow the product to dry properly you should only pour a maximum of around 100mm deep in one go. However, you can then leave it 24 hours and recover with another 100mm to build up in layers.
        Kind Regards,

      • A: The Pourable Concrete Filler is suitable for internal and external repairs to concrete. This is fine to be over coated if required.

      • A: The pourable Concrete Leveller is not for external use. The filler can be used outside although this is a pourable product that will run so generally not ideal for steps unless it can be confined to an area that will retain a pourable product.

      • A: This product is an extremely fast curing concrete repair products. It is supplied as a dry powder which you mix with water to make it pourable. I would suggest it would be quite difficult to get this level over such a large area, the product begins to cure immediately and is solid within 15 minutes or possibly less.

      • A: I’m afraid the paint will chip, if applied to small slabs, however if it is one big slab and it is porous it will be fine.

      • A: Yes you can paint over the Floor Saver Pourable Concrete Filler with either the Floor Saver Floor Paint or Epoxy Floor Paint. It will just need to be clean and dry.

      • A: Yes it is!

      • A: Hi, yes it can provided it's not applied in excessively hot temperatures (above 25°C) as this can lead to cracking.  If it is very hot, you could cover it (for around an hour) to protect it from the sun while it's drying. Also don't apply it in very cold conditions (below 5°C) or else it won't set.

      • A: Thank you for your enquiry, we would suggest Pourable Concrete Leveller – extremely hardwearing – floorsaver