Pourable Drive Repair - 25kg

Pourable Drive Repair - 25kg

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Pourable Drive Repair is the quickest and easiest way to fill holes on busy asphalt floors. It's perfect for durable, long lasting repairs on heavily trafficked asphalt or tarmac floors. Pourable Drive Repair is ready for foot traffic after only 1 hour, and heavy use after 4 hours. 

Add water, mix and pour, no primer required

Dark grey finish blends in with existing asphalt or tarmac

Ready to walk on in just one hour

Fills holes up to 100mm thick

floorsaver Pourable Drive Repair is best suited to holes at least 5mm thick. Pourable Drive Repair has been reinforced with tough fibres, so you can get the best results. Just use as much as you need, mix with water, then pour straight into the hole - no wastage! Use in areas of heavy wear and tear such as driveways, car parks and roads.

Please note: we cannot accept returns for this product as they are cementitious.

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      Step 1 - Preparation:

      • Minimal preparation is required. floorsaver Pourable Drive Repair is easy to use. Sweep out any loose stuff from the hole and that's about it.
      • If the repair will be heavily trafficked, (for instance forklifts) chip around the edge of the repair so that the Pourable Drive Repair is a minimum of 3-5 mm thick around these areas. Scrape off any old paint (it doesn't matter if some well bonded paint remains) and cut out any asphalt that has been contaminated with oil or fats. No need to prime. You can apply the filler to damp (not wet) surfaces.


      Step 2 - Mixing:

      • You can mix in the plastic bucket provided, or any suitable mixing
      • Remove the bag of powder from the bucket.
      • The mix is 1 part water to 3 parts powder. Use an old cup or
        similar to measure the amounts. It’s a good idea to starts with a
        small mix at first until you get used to it, since once mixed it has
        be used within 10 minutes.
      • Put the water into the bucket.
      • Slowly add the powder, mixing continuously. A mixing blade
        (available from us) fitted onto an electric drill is recommended,
        especially for a larger quantity.
      • Keep adding the powder until you have a pourable ‘slurry’ (like
        runny porridge). If it is a bit too stiff, quickly add a bit more water,
        too runny a bit more powder.
      • Use immediately and don’t re-stir once you have stopped.

      Step 3 - Application:

      • You have 10 minutes to pour it into the hole. You can go up to
        100mm deep in one go. If it’s deeper apply in 100mm layers
        allowing 12 hours to dry.
      • If you are patch repairing or resurfacing a worn or damaged area,
        use a trowel to help it ‘spread’ out evenly over the surface.
        If you’ve got the mix right, the product will ‘self-smooth.
      • 25kg covers approximately 0.5m2 at 25mm thick.
      • Clean tools in water.
      • The repair can be painted if required.
      Interior/exterior usage Suitable for interior and exterior use
      Coverage 25kg: Approx. 0.5m²  at 25mm thick
      Finish Slip resistant finish
      Setting Time

      Drying time at a temperature of 10℃:

      • Initial Set - Dries quickly so only mix what you can use within 10 minutes
      • Foot traffic - 1 hour
      • Heavy traffic (vehicles and forklifts) - 4 hours
      Shelf Life Shelf Life - 12 months, if unopened and should not be allowed to freeze


      We don't recommend:

      • Using at temperatures below 5℃.
      • Using on slopes, step nosings, etc. since the product is pourable. For this type of repair use floorsaver Mouldable Concrete Filler or for surface imperfections (rather than 'big holes') use floorsaver Crack & Hole Filler.
      • Using at a depth of more than 100mm in one go. For very deep holes, allow a 100mm thick layer to dry for 12 hours , at a minimum temperature of 10℃, before applying the next.

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      Ask a Question
      • A: Hi, if the area is more shallow than 5mm then you can use our Epoxy Repair Mortar for this type of repair. It is a antrual grey colour, like concrete but can be painted after a few days to match in. We have previously produced a drive restorer but unfortunately we are unable to make this product currently. I am sorry.

      • A: Hi, the pourable drive repair can be used to make good the holes you have. Provided there is at least a 5mm edge to pour up to. Once completed, this can be used to resurface small areas, provided it is mostly flat and you can shutter the edges to stop the product running away, and you can cover the whole area in a minimum of 5mm. When mixed it is a similar consistency to water so cannot be used on a gradient or if there is a run off. Due to the rapid setting nature, I would not use it to resurface anything more than a metre or two as it would be hard to get a level finish over this area before it sets. It works similarly to our Pourable Concrete Filler, there is a video of an application using this product that may give you a better idea of how it works.