GRP Stair Tread Cover Fixing Kit

GRP Stair Tread Cover Fixing Kit

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A GRP Stair Tread Cover Fixing Kit from floorsaver to use with Anti Slip Stair Tread Covers.

One fixing kit will cover about 3000mm length of stair tread covers. To determine the total amount of fixing kits required, calculate the total length of stairs to cover and divide that by 3000mm.

Consists of 310ml mastic adhesive

Comes with 30 stainless steel self tapping screws and 30 rawl plugs 


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    Ensure your stairs are clean, dry, and free from loose material.

    If your surface is uneven, ensure you have patch repaired the area before application. SlipGrip stair treads must sit flat down on the surface.

    Your stair treads can be trimmed on site if needed. Use a skill saw with a 4mm diamond blade or an angle grinder with a 1mm blade. Ensure googles and gloves are worn at all times when cutting is involved. 


    1. Apply a 6mm bead of the high strength gap filling adhesive around the periphery of the underside of the stair tread approximately 25mm in from the edges.
    2. Then, starting from the bottom left corner come up at an angle and then down at an angle, to create a 'peak and a trough' repeat this until you reach the end.
    3. Immediately press the panel firmly to the substrate to ensure adequate transfer of adhesive - this will elevate the sheet by approximately 1-1.5mm from the ground.
    4. A firm bond will be achieved in about one hour under normal conditions. Then, secure with mechanical fixings, as below.
    5. Drill two holes on each side of the SlipGrip stair tread cover, one approximately 15mm in from the back edge and 15mm from the side.
    6. The second one should again be approximately 15mm from the side and approx. 10m back from the contrasting nosing (55mm). For larger treads, it may be necessary to have further fixing points in the centre of the tread.
    Service temperature -40°C to +100°C
    Application Temperature +5°C to +40°C
    Final Adhesion Strength 24-48 hours


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    • A: These are usually applied using a mastic adhesive and screws. Alterntively, to avoid needing scres you can sue a polyurethane adhesive instead, either way, no specific finish is required for the concrete.