Edge Fix Safety Tape Edge Sealer - 140ml

Edge Fix Safety Tape Edge Sealer - 140ml

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This helps to protect the anti slip tape edges from wear and tear when applied to the edges of any Safety Tape product. It also helps to stop the ingress of water in wet areas and greatly helps to prevent the lifting of the anti slip tape in high traffic areas. 


Simply apply the edge fix down the side of the tape using the narrow nozzle            built into the tube, which helps to secure the product and extend its life

This product is especially useful for areas with heavy machinery that may              move over tape frequently, reducing the chance of the tape lifting

Interior/exterior usage Suitable for interior and exterior use
Properties Helps protect the tape edges from wear, helps to stop ingress of water in wet areas
Surfaces Floor, steps. ramps
Max operational temperature 60C
Coverage approx. 35 linear metres
Drying time 6 hr
Recommended coats 1


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