Waterproof Roof Paint

Waterproof Roof Paint

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A long lasting, easy to apply weatherproof roofing paint with reinforced fibres for a watertight coating. 


Watch our how to apply video here: https://youtu.be/qoStU2t-s08


floorsaver Waterproof Roof Paint is the ultimate, easy to apply roof paint to repair, protect and waterproof your roof. It's bitumen based and reinforced with rubber fibres to ensure it doesn't sag or split as temperatures rise and fall.

Ideal for roofing felt, roofing sheets, corrugated iron, concrete and tiles

Can be used on wet surfaces as an emergency repair

Black in colour and gradually turns grey




floorsaver Waterproof Roof Paint is a bitumen based coating reinforced with rubber and fibre. This makes it flexible, unlike ordinary bitumen coatings, meaning it won't sag in the summer sun, or split as the roof naturally flexes and moves. It can be used as an emergency leak stopper or to coat and extend the life of existing roofs. 

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For more info, watch our YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoStU2t-s08

      Step 1 - Preparation:

      • Preparation is quite minimal. Sweep off any moss, algae or dirt. If there has been a heavy fungal infestation use a fungicide and wash off.
      • You can use floorsaver Waterproof Roof Paint in the rain as an emergency repair. For long term repairs the surface should be as dry as possible. When coating large areas, we recommend that they are dry as trapped moisture can delay drying.


      Step 2 - Repairs:

      • Holes, cracks and splits can be filled using floorsaver Waterproof Roof Paint mixed with dry sand to form a stiff mortar. Prime the repair with a coat of the Waterproof Roof Paint, then trowel in the mortar.


      Step 3 - Application:

      • No need to stir.
      • Easiest using a brush, but a roller is possible on flat, felted surfaces or flat concrete.
      • Aim to use 1kg per 1m².
      • Clean equipment with White Spirit.
      • Drying time approximately 24 hours.


      Tip - If there are 'suspect' areas of the roof such as panel overlaps or felt joints but you are intending to coat the whole roof, we recommend just running a brush line of floorsaver Waterproof Roof Paint along the join, allowing it to dry and then coating the whole roof the following day.


      Content Thick bitumen, rubber and tough fibre reinforcement
      Interior/exterior usage Suitable for exterior use
      Colour Black, gradually fades to grey
      Finish Matt
      Surfaces Roof (not suitable for highly trafficked flat roofs)
      Properties Can be mixed with dry sand to fill holes, cracks and splits
      Drying times 24 hours (approximately)
      Coverage Aim to use 1 kg per 1m²
      Shelf Life 12 months, if unopened and should not be allowed to freeze
      We don't recommend:
      • Applying Waterproof Roof Paint to bare timber to try to form a waterproof seal.
      • Application to EPDM or similar rubber roof membranes, as the product can soften rubber. Test on a small area if in doubt about product suitability.
      • Applying it to flat roofs which will be regularly trafficked.

      Product Information Sheet


      Safety Sheet



      Ask a Question
      • A: This is a waterproof product that does not cure solid - it forms a surface skin therefore this cannot be trafficked when applied.

      • A: Hi, for this area you would require 4 tins of 5kg

      • A: Hi, the coverage of the product is approximately 1m2 per kg. To cover this space you would require 40kg or 8 x 5kgs. We can send an official quote, we would simply require your details. Please send us your address and contact details to: info@floorsaver.co.uk and i can get something back you shortly after.

      • A: Hi,

        This product can be used to patch small areas, repair holes and cracks (using the sand additive) or to ocver an entire roof surface. The coverage when painting over wider areas is 1m2 per kg.

      • A: Hi, to get an easy estimate on space from feet to metres, simply divide the total by 10. So 10ft x 10ft is 100sq ft, or just under 10m2. 

        Therefore you would require 2 x 5kg packs of our waterproof roof paint to cover this area. if there is anything else i can help with, please get in touch.

      • A: Hi, this can be used on steel. It will stick to almost any surface. Once old and dry it could be over coated with another bitumen paint.
        Kind Regards,

      • A: Hi, it would work for this type of surface. If the shingle is quite large then you may need a little extra to completely cover it, so i would allow for this when working out the coverage/qunantity required, but it will be perfectly suitable for your roof.
        Kind Regards,

      • A: The waterproof roof paint cover 1m2 per KG. For a roof that is 10ft x 6 ft the area you have in metres is 5.6m2 therefore we would recommend buying 10kg to be safe.

        Any unused product can be kept sealed for at least 24 months and can still be used to touch-up or recoat.

        Alternatively you can simply apply a thicker or second coat on the first application.

      • A: The Waterproof Roof Paint is a thick bitumen based paint product. It is applied by brush at around 1mm thick and would instantly waterproof any areas of cracks or aps where your felt membrane is failing. This product usually requires some remedial works after around 12-24 months, but not the whole area, it would most likely be a small amount of over coating/touching up the worst affected areas. This is very cheap and easy to do.

        It is resistant to UV in terms of drying and durability, but does change colour from the contamination and sunlight so would not be used anywhere hugely visible.

        The product is likely to de-bond and wear quicker if you have areas of pooling water. This product will solve the problem in the short term but the fall on the roof should be addressed for a more permanent repair.

      • A: Good morning Michael,

        Thank you for your enquiry.

        Yes the Waterproof Roof Paint will be fine on a fibre glass substrate.

        Should you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

        Kindest regards


      • A: This product can be applied as low as Zero degrees. Ideally you would apply in slightly warmer temperatures to aid curing, but above zero would be suitable.

      • A: Yes, this is fine to go on to an asbestos surface.  We recommend that the surface is relatively clean and free of any loose debris prior to application.

      • A: Hi, although this product does adhere to a large number of surfaces, I am afraid it would not be suitable for application to plastic. This type of material does not allow a paint coating to penetrate and bond correctly.

        It is likely that the product would simply sit above the surface and wash away quite quickly. I am sorry.

      • A: This would be fine to use on materials such as corrugated iron.  We would recommend thoroughly abrading the surface first and ensuring that the area is cleaned.

      • A: You shouldn't need to put more than one coat on, except perhaps around vulnerable areas such as joints, etc.  If this is what you are intending to do, it's best to go over joints, gaps and edges first with one coat of Waterproof Roof Paint, followed by one complete coat over the whole area (so basically the joints are getting 2 coats), and you won't have a problem with the two coats bonding to each other.

      • A: No unfortunately not.  The rust would need to be completely removed, or you could treat it with a rust converter before applying Waterproof Roof Paint.   We do not have a rust converter in our range, but our sister company, Watco (01483 425000 www.watco.co.uk) have one, it's called Watco Primebase.

      • A: Yes the Waterproof Roof Paint does stay tacky due to the paint being a high solvent  bitumen based product and is not suitable for use on a trafficked surface (although emergency/maintenance repairs are fine). With regards to the surface of the roof, as long as you are able to create a key for the new coating this should be fine, but without knowing what is on the roof it's hard to be 100% certain.  It's always best to do a test area first.

      • A: Waterproof Roof Paint will adhere to roofing felt with no problem at all. As long as the felt is clean, free of loose material and sound, you just need to brush apply it to the surface.

      • A: Sorry, it's not compatible.  The solvent in the Waterproof Roof Paint will soften the Desmopol coating and react with it.

      • A: Yes it can provided it is old and well weathered. It just can't go onto new or shiny fibreglass.

      • A: We recommend aiming to use 1kg of our Waterproof Roof Paint to 1m².  Our product information sheet is available on the product page on the website which covers everything from preparation, application, drying times, etc. which you should find helpful.   

      • A: A 5kg tub will cover 5sqm, you have very slightly over this so would advise purchasing 2 Waterproof Roof Paint - weatherproof, fibre reinforced roof paint – floorsaver