Waterproof Roof Paint

Waterproof Roof Paint

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A long lasting, easy to apply weatherproof roofing paint with reinforced fibres for a watertight coating - with the lowest price guaranteed. 

floorsaver Waterproof Roof Paint is the ultimate, easy to apply roof paint to repair, protect and waterproof your roof. It's bitumen based and reinforced with rubber fibres to ensure it doesn't sag or split as temperatures rise and fall.

The lowest price - guaranteed!

Ideal for roofing felt, roofing sheets, corrugated iron, concrete and tiles

Can be used on wet surfaces as an emergency repair

Black in colour and gradually turns grey





floorsaver Waterproof Roof Paint is a bitumen based coating reinforced with rubber and fibre. This makes it flexible, unlike ordinary bitumen coatings, meaning it won't sag in the summer sun, or split as the roof naturally flexes and moves. It can be used as an emergency leak stopper or to coat and extend the life of existing roofs. 

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      How to Use

      Step 1 - Preparation:

      • Preparation is quite minimal. Sweep off any moss, algae or dirt. If there has been a heavy fungal infestation use a fungicide and wash off.
      • You can use floorsaver Waterproof Roof Paint in the rain as an emergency repair. For long term repairs the surface should be as dry as possible. When coating large areas, we recommend that they are dry as trapped moisture can delay drying.


      Step 2 - Repairs:

      • Holes, cracks and splits can be filled using floorsaver Waterproof Roof Paint mixed with dry sand to form a stiff mortar. Prime the repair with a coat of the Waterproof Roof Paint, then trowel in the mortar.


      Step 3 - Application:

      • No need to stir.
      • Easiest using a brush, but a roller is possible on flat, felted surfaces or flat concrete.
      • Aim to use 1kg per 1m².
      • Clean equipment with White Spirit.
      • Drying time approximately 24 hours.


      Tip - If there are 'suspect' areas of the roof such as panel overlaps or felt joints but you are intending to coat the whole roof, we recommend just running a brush line of floorsaver Waterproof Roof Paint along the join, allowing it to dry and then coating the whole roof the following day.


      Technical Spec

      Thick bitumen, rubber and tough fibre reinforcement
      Interior/exterior usage Suitable for exterior use
      Colour Black, gradually fades to grey
      Finish Matt
      Surfaces Roof (not suitable for highly trafficked flat roofs)
      Properties Can be mixed with dry sand to fill holes, cracks and splits
      Drying times 24 hours (approximately)
      Coverage Aim to use 1 kg per 1m²
      Shelf Life 12 months, if unopened and should not be allowed to freeze


      We don't recommend:

      • Applying Waterproof Roof Paint to bare timber to try to form a waterproof seal.
      • Application to EPDM or similar rubber roof membranes, as the product can soften rubber. Test on a small area if in doubt about product suitability.
      • Applying it to flat roofs which will be regularly trafficked.


      Product Information Sheet


      Safety Sheet



      Ask a Question
      • A: Yes it can provided it is old and well weathered. It just can't go onto new or shiny fibreglass.

      • A: We recommend aiming to use 1kg of our Waterproof Roof Paint to 1m².  Our product information sheet is available on the product page on the website which covers everything from preparation, application, drying times, etc. which you should find helpful.