Floor Paint Anti Slip - 2.5L

Floor Paint Anti Slip - 2.5L

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The toughest, slip resistant concrete floor paint money can buy - with the lowest price guaranteed.

Perfect for improving the look of dull interior floors, floorsaver anti slip concrete floor paint is easy to use, hardwearing and will give you a slip resistant floor that looks great, easy to clean and will last for years.

The lowest price - guaranteed!

Exceptional slip resistance

Great for warehouses, factories, workshops and heavy foot traffic.

Use it on most surfaces - concrete, wood, stone and cement

Stands up to oil and grease

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floorsaver Floor Paint dustproofs, seals and protects internal concrete floors. Two coats provide a glossy, easily cleaned finish. It can be applied to bare concrete or existing well bonded paint. When recoating existing floor paint of a similar colour, one coat is generally all that is needed.

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Please note - orders for the Yellow colour of our Floor Paint Anti Slip will be labelled as Hazard Paint Anti Slip. 

    Step 1 - Preparation:

    • On bare, reasonably clean concrete wash with floorsaver Floor Etcher. This cleans and keys the surface. On greasy or previously painted floors clean with floorsaver Cleaner & Degreaser, scraping off any loose paint, dust or dirt. New concrete should be at least 2 months old and always washed with floorsaver Floor Etcher to reduce alkalinity.


    Step 2 - Repairs:

    • Fill small surface holes and cracks using floorsaver Crack & Hole Filler. Use floorsaver Pourable Concrete Filler for holes 5mm-50mm deep. floorsaver Mouldable Concrete Filler can be used if you want a curved edge, such as a stair nosing, etc.


    Step 3 - Application:

    • Check the floor is dry before painting and that the temperature is a minimum of 15 ℃.
    • Stir the paint thoroughly.
    • Do not thin.
    • Tip into a roller tray.
    • Cut in around edges with a brush.
    • Apply to the floor area using a paint roller, working well into the surface. Bare concrete should be sufficiently porous to allow the first coat to sink in.
    • If using floorsaver Floor Paint Anti Slip, tip the small tin of Anti Slip Aggregate into the tin and stir thoroughly using a wooden batten or similar. Use the whole tin of aggregate for the 5L pack size and half for the 2.5L.
    • Clean equipment with White Spirit.
            Interior/exterior usage For interior use only
            Uses Suitable for bare concrete or existing well bonded paint, wood and most metal
            Properties Resists spills of oils and grease
            Coats 2 coats usually required, although 1 coat may be enough if painting over an existing floor paint of a similar colour
          • 5L covers up to 40m² per coat
          • 2.5L covers up to 20m² per coat
          • Drying times

            At 15-20 ℃:

            • Recoat - 16 hours (if there is a time lapse between coats, the second coast must be applied within 5 days of the first coat)
            • Touch Dry - 10 hours
            • Light Foot Traffic - 24 hours
            • Full Use - 36 hours. Please check that the paint has fully cured before putting into full use
            Minimum application temperature 15 ℃
            Applications Tough enough for use in warehouses, workshops and for general industrial use
            Floor Paint Anti Slip Use the whole tin of Anti Slip Aggregate for the 5L pack size and half for the 2.5L
            Shelf life Shelf Life - 3 years, if unopened. Do not allow to freeze.


            We don't recommend:

            • Using this product in areas where cars are parked - instead use floorsaver Epoxy Floor Paint.
            • Using outside.
            • Applying to self-levelling floor screeds.
            • Applying to concrete contaminated with oil, grease, fats or wax.
            • Applying to hard, smooth, very dense or power floated concrete where the paint can't soak into the surface. If in doubt tip a cup of water onto the floor and see if it disappears.

            Product Information Sheet


            Anti Slip Aggregate Safety Sheet


            Safety Sheet



            Ask a Question
            • A: Hi, I am sorry but i would not recommend painting floor tiles. Unfortunately the paint cannot penetrate the surface and get a strong enough bond for them to be walked over. I am sorry.

            • A: hi,  thank you for your enquiry,  yes it is fine -  i would allow a minimum of 7 days after paint application for the paint to achieve its full resistance.

            • A: I’m afraid we do not have anything suitable - Unfortunately this would not adhere to a vinyl flooring as it needs a porous surface to adhere to.

            • A: Hi, we would no recommend painting floor tiles. unfortunatley paint cannot bond well enough this surface to be trafficked properly.

            • A:
              I am afraid this product is not suitable for external use

            • A: Hi,  our Floor Paint Anti-Slip has a PTV rating of 60 – which indicates a low slip potential.

            • A: The drying time for the anti-slip floor paint is as follows: Recoat - 16 hours (if there is a time lapse between coats, the second coat must be applied within 5 days of the first coat).  Touch Dry - 10 hours Light Foot Traffic - 24 hours.  Full Use - 36 hours. Please check that the paint has fully cured before putting into full use.

            • A: Floor Paint Anti Slip doesn’t have great UV resistance so would fade in sunlight. A better product would be Exterior Floor Paint -  This has a blended anti slip aggregate for slip resistance, excellent UV and weather resistance and easy to use. Available in Grey, Tile Red or Yellow.

            • A: If you are going over our Pourable Concrete Leveller then yes, as long as it's been down for at least 3 months, (but you can apply our water based epoxy resin coating, Epoxy Floor Paint, after approximately 24-36 hours). If you are applying it to another self leveller you would  need to check with the manufacturers of that self leveller as to whether it can be painted or not, and with what type of paint (i.e water based epoxy or single pack polyurethane, etc.) as usually they can't be painted.