Coarse Safety Grip - Anti Slip Tape

Coarse Safety Grip - Anti Slip Tape

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This is a tough tape that offers real peace of mind. It has a coarser grit on its surface than that of a standard tape. You can feel safe and confident about safety with these tapes made from hard-working aluminium oxide grit on a PVC backing, which create a great non slip surface. Easy to use and long lasting makes this a highly effective way to improve safety by indicating hazardous areas or escape routes. 

Watch our how to apply video here:

Long lasting and consistent colour, with easy-to-use pressure-sensitive                    backing

Suitable for commercial or industrial use

Deep anti-slip coating helps to prevent clogging with dirt, dust, ice etc.

Deep grit also provides great durability

Excellent resistance to oil


Surface preparation: Wash the area to remove any grease, oil, dirt, or other contaminates, rinse and allow to dry. The Safety Tape can be applied to any smooth surface such as concrete, wood, metal, tile, terrazzo, and painted or varnished surfaces. Use the Safety Tape Primer on dusty concrete, porous, or other weak surfaces to ensure better adhesion.

Application: Apply only when air and surface temperature are above 50°F (10℃). The surface area must be clean and dry at the time of application. On stair trends and landings, apply the Safety Tape at least 3/8" back from the edge to avoid edge curl. When applying a strip of Safety Tape, do not peel off entire backing all at once. Rather, peel back about 2" from the end of the strip to expose the adhesive and position in place. Press down firmly, then remove the remainder of backing from the Safety Tape while affixing it to the surface. Avoid stretching the tape when placing it into position. The Safety Tape may be peeled back up to reposition it if necessary, but try to avoid repeating this action. Once in place, firmly press down on the Safety Tape by hand or with your foot to secure it. The Safety Tape is suitable to support light foot traffic immediately, however it requires 24 hours for the adhesive to achieve full cure.

For more info, watch our YouTube Video:

Primer required Safety tape primer and safety tape edge
Interior/exterior usage Suitable for interior and exterior locations
Application (curing time) Full cure in 48hrs
Application condition Clean and dry


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