Coarse Safety Grip - Anti Slip Stair Tread Cleat - 150mm x 610mm

Coarse Safety Grip - Anti Slip Stair Tread Cleat - 150mm x 610mm

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Floorsaver Coarse Safety Grip Anti Slip Stair Tread Cleat is a durable, industrial grade anti slip solution for stairs and walkways. The coarser grit allows for more robust anti slip properties and helps to prevent build up of dirt.

Has a coarser grit than Anti Slip Stair Tread Cleat

Easy, long lasting and highly effective way to improve safety

Suitable for commercial or industrial use

Excellent resistance to oil


  • Tough aluminium oxide grit for great non slip surface
  • Long lasting and consistent color, with easy-to-use pressure-sensitive backing
  • Deep anti-slip coating helps to prevent clogging with dirt, dust, ice etc.
  • Deep grit also provides great durability


Surface Preparation
Apply to clean, smooth, dry surfaces such as painted or varnished wood, concrete, metal, tiles, and Terrazzo. Apply direct to smooth, hard concrete; dusty concrete will require a primer.

Smooth, non porous, dust free surfaces do not require priming. To improve adhesion on weak, dusty surfaces, apply a coat of Safety Tape Primer.

If appearance is critical we recommend the application of a small trial area first.

Avoid application at temperatures below 10℃. Low temperatures can reduce adhesion. On steps and nosings, apply the product approximately 10mm in from the edge to prevent premature wear and edge curl. Peel back the backing strip approximately 50mm to reveal the adhesive layer. Avoid removing too much of the backing strip, but slowly keep peeling it back whilst firming the product into place. Firming down by hand or foot pressure is generally sufficient.

Although the product can be walked on virtually straight away, the adhesive can take 24 hours to set fully. Immediately after placing the item onto the substrate, it can be peeled off reasonably easily. Please allow the adhesive to set if using in heavily trafficked or hazardous areas.

Size Width: 610mm, Depth: 150mm
Primer required Safety tape primer and safety tape edge
Interior/exterior usage Suitable for interior and exterior locations
Surfaces Can be attached to any type of step; concrete, wood, stone , steel (indoors or outdoors)
Application (curing time) Full cure in 48hrs
Application condition Clean and dry


Ask a Question
  • A: Hi, yes, these can be used on external metal staircases.  We advise that the surfaces are just clean and dry prior to application.

  • A: Hi, this product uses Aluminium Oxide bonded to a heavy duty backing with a superior adhesive.  On a step in a domestic environment it should last several years, but it really depends upon the amount of use it gets.  Our product is amongst the best of its type, i.e. a flexible self adhesive product.  Sorry we cannot be more precise.

  • A: Hi, yes you can as long as the UPVC is smooth, clean and dry.  It's quite gritty so not ideal for walking on bare foot, but if you have shoes on you will be fine!

  • A: Yes, very!  Just a pair of sharp scissors is all you need, but just to be aware the edges are round, so if you cut them you will lose that rounded effect.