Universal Concrete Primer - 5L

Universal Concrete Primer - 5L

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The quick and easy way to prepare porous dusty concrete ready for painting – with the lowest prices guaranteed!


Watch our how to mix and apply video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSnwgtSowHE


Ideal for preparing very porous surfaces including sand and cement screeds

Can be painted after just 4-6 hours with water based paint

Just one coat needed

The lowest price – guaranteed!



      Floorsaver Universal Concrete Primer is a two part product which can easily be mixed and applied with a roller. It helps to create a good base for painting on porous concrete floors. 

      The primer sinks into the pores of the concrete, which binds and seals at the same time. This stops the paint from absorbing into the surface as well as creating better adhesion. Floorsaver Universal Concrete Primer can be overcoated with water based coatings such as floorsaver Epoxy Floor Paint after 4-6 hours or after 3-4 days with solvent based coatings such as floorsaver Floor Paint.

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      Step 1 – Preparation:

      • Surfaces should be clean and reasonably dry. It does not matter if some residual damp remains after cleaning, but make sure the floor is as dry as possible as the product relies on absorption into a dry substrate.
      • To avoid contamination with oil or grease use floorsaver Cleaner and Degreaser.
      • floorsaver Universal Concrete Primer is suitable for very porous concrete or sand and cement screed only. If in doubt that your surface is highly porous, tip a cup of water onto it and see if it very quickly disappears; if it does, Floorsaver Universal Concrete Primer should be used. If the water takes a long time to disappear this would indicate that although it is porous, the porosity is not excessive and therefore you can paint it without priming first.
      • New concrete should be at least 2 months old and always washed with Floorsaver Floor Etcher to reduce alkalinity, remove any weak, loose cement deposits and provide a key.


      Step 2 – Repairs:


      Step 3 – Mixing:

      • There is a large tin of resin and a small tin of curing agent. Stir the large and small tins individually before emptying into the larger tin.
      • Give it a good stir with something wide, like a wooden batten or a paint stirrer. If you use an electric paint mixer, also scrape around the sides and bottom of the tin to make sure it’s all mixed in.


      Step 4 – Application:

      • Now it’s mixed you’ve got 1 hour to apply it before it becomes unusable.
      • Tip it into a roller tray and use a medium pile roller to coat the floor, use a paint brush around the edges.
      • One coat is all you need.
      Content Universal Concrete Primer Resin Universal Concrete Primer Curing Agent
      Interior/exterior usage Suitable for interior use only
      Surfaces Porous concrete and sand and cement screed
      Curing Times
      • 4-6 hours at 15°C before painting with water based coating
      • 3-4 days before painting with solvent based coating
      Coats One coat is usually sufficient
      Coverage 5L covers 30m² (coverage can vary depending on the condition of the floor to which it is being applied to)
      Shelf life 12 months if unopened and should not be allowed to freeze


      We don't recommend:

      • Applying to a previously painted, sealed or power floated surface since this primer relies on absorption
      • Applying to self-levelling floor screeds
      • Applying to a wet surface. If residual damp remains after cleaning this is acceptable, but it cannot be applied to a wet surface as it will prevent the primer from penetrating

      Product Information Sheet


      Resin Safety Sheet


      Curing Agent Safety Sheet



      Ask a Question
      • A: Hi, we would always recommend washing with Floorsaver Floor Etcher https://www.floorsaver.co.uk/collections/preparation/products/floor-etcher?variant=43797253650 to reduce alkalinity and to remove any weak, loose cement deposits this will also help with the dustiness, if once this has been done and you find the concrete is still very dusty we would then suggest applying the Concrete sealer https://www.floorsaver.co.uk/collections/sealers/products/concrete-dustproofer-5l?variant=13417381036101

      • A: Hi, it would be best to abrade the area to remove any loose paint and material, and then use a cleaner (https://www.floorsaver.co.uk/products/cleaner-degreaser-5l?_pos=1&_sid=366c76bd4&_ss=r ) before priming with (https://www.floorsaver.co.uk/products/universal-concrete-primer-5l?_pos=1&_sid=13182fce2&_ss=r0 ) to aid bonding of two coats of Epoxy Floor Paint.  Hope this helps.

      • A: I would recommend the Floor Saver Epoxy Floor Paint. This is a two pack water based epoxy system that is very tough and will be ok with motorbike tyre etc. If you have a bare concrete floor it will need cleaning with the Floor Saver Cleaner & Degreaser. If you have a painted concrete floor it will  need cleaning and abrading.

      • A: That's a common problem.  What you have is something called surface laitance - a weak, cement based, dusty layer that no matter how much you sweep the floor, it just carries on dusting up.  It's really important it's removed before painting or else the paint will just stick to the dust, and when the paint is trafficked it will just come off the floor.  Floorsaver Floor Etcher will get that off and also remove light dirt deposits too.  You don't need to prime the floor first, just use the etcher and that will be enough.  If you are going to be parking your car in the garage I would suggest coating it with Floorsaver Epoxy Floor Paint, but if it's just for storage (like most peoples garages!) you could get away with using Floorsaver Floor Paint.