SlipGrip Screw Down Anti-Slip Aluminium Plates - 115mm x 635mm

SlipGrip Screw Down Anti-Slip Aluminium Plates - 115mm x 635mm

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These screw down anti slip plates can be used on virtually any type of step, indoors or outdoors. If you don't need to fit a full stair tread cover, or where aesthetics are important, these good looking aluminium plates have strong anti slip properties and are easily fixed into place on the middle of the step.


Gives a solid anti-slip surface in the middle of the step

Made from resin-bonded aluminium which gives the product its strength

Gritty finish provides safety

Ideal for steps that are prone to damp

Water resistant


Ensure that the areas to have SlipGrip fitted are clean, dry and free from loose and friable material. Any 'dished'or damaged surface areas should be patch repaired to provide a reasonably flat and consistent surface.

Dry fit all SlipGrip panels to ensure they fit freely and that they sit flat down on the surface. If required, SlipGrip can be trimmed on site to suit, ideally using a skill saw with a 4mm diamond blade or an angle grinder with a 1mm blade.

Please ensure that goggles and gloves are worn at all times when any form of cutting is involved.


We pre-drill screw holes, so fixing them in place is a breeze.

As they are water resistant, you can use them anywhere. However, using SlipGrip Anti Slip Tape Edge Sealer will stop water getting under the treads. If the step is damp then we recommend our SlipGrip Anti Slip Tape Primer too.

Surface Can be attached to any type of step; concrete, wood, stone, steel (indoors or outdoors)
Size Width: 635mm, Depth: 115mm


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