Cleaner & Degreaser - 5L

Cleaner & Degreaser - 5L

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Effortlessly remove grease and grime with this heavy duty, biodegradable cleaner for a wide range of stains and surfaces - with the lowest price guaranteed.

A great floor preparation solution for cleaning heavy grease, stubborn soils and oil deposits before sealing, coating or painting floors, floorsaver Cleaner & Degreaser cleans deep without damage to the floor finish.


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The lowest price - guaranteed!

Versatile - good all round cleaner

Perfect for bare concrete, sealed concrete, tiles, vinyl or any painted surface. 

Tough on stains, easy on the environment



floorsaver Cleaner & Degreaser is supplied in concentrate form. Use undiluted it will break down heavy grease and oil on concrete floors prior to painting. This biodegradable floor cleaner is water based and surprisingly powerful. Its low odour and virtually solvent free formulation will ensure the best possible preparation to ensure your floor paint sticks and lasts.


    Step 1: Preparation:

    • Make sure the floor is dry - Floorsaver Cleaner & Degreaser will be much more effective when applied to a dry surface.
    • Sweep the (dry) floor to remove dust and loose dirt.

    Step 2: Application:

    • Apply the product to the floor, either as concentrate or diluted as described above.
    • Distribute using a broom and leave for a few minutes to soften grease and dirt.
    • Scrub with a broom, flush with clean water and allow to dry.


    Tip - If using Floorsaver Floor Paint the floor must be allowed to dry out. Floorsaver Epoxy Floor Paint can be applied to a surface which is still slightly damp as a result from cleaning.


    Warning: Floorsaver Cleaner & Degreaser is biodegradable, but a mixture of this product with surface debris, such as oil should not be disposed of via a rainwater drain or open water courses.

    Please dispose of this using a wet vacuum and regard as chemical waste.

    Properties Water based and biodegradable
    Interior/exterior usage Low odour - safe for use inside and outside
    • Use undiluted for heavy grease - 5L treats 30m² & 25L treats 150m²
    • Use diluted with 20 parts water for general cleaning preparation - 5L treats 600m² & 25L treats 3000m²
    • Use diluted with 40 parts water for cleaning and maintaining existing painted floors - 5L treats 1000m² and 25L treats 5000m²
    Uses Use on bare concrete, previously painted floors and on machinery
    Shelf Life 12 months, if unopened and should not be allowed to freeze

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