Epoxy Floor Paint - 2.5L

Epoxy Floor Paint - 2.5L


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An industrial grade, heavy duty epoxy floor paint that stands up to heavy wear and tear. Great for highly trafficked interior concrete floors and areas where vehicles are used and parked - with the lowest price guaranteed.

The lowest price - guaranteed!

Use in warehouses, workshops, showrooms and factories  

Top choice for garage floors as it won't mark from hot tyres

Use on bare concrete or existing well bonded paint

Stands up to heavy wear and tear

With a two part epoxy paint it’s not practical to apply two coats with just one tin – please refer to the ‘Technical Spec’ tab

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Useful Information

Our Epoxy Floor Paint needs to be applied in two coats. It’s supplied as a tin of resin and a tin of curing agent. And when you mix the contents of the two tins together, it starts a reaction which causes the paint to cure.

If you’re painting an area of up to 15m², you’ll need two 2.5L tins (because, once mixed, a 5L tin won't keep for the second coat). Whereas, for an area of roughly 30m², you’ll need two 5L tins.

  • Here’s how we work it out:
  • Area to be painted: 45m&sup2 with two coats (we recommend two coats for the best result)
  • Tins needed: 2 x 5L and 2 x 2.5L
  • Why: Use 1 x 5L and 1 x 2.5L for the first coat; and the same again for the second

Our Coverage Calculator works this out for you – that way you know you’re buying exactly the paint you need and can use, without any waste, at the lowest price – guaranteed.

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How it Works
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  • Tins

Use floorsaver Epoxy Floor Paint where an ordinary single pack paint won't do. It stands up to the wear and tear of an industrial environment, including forklift truck areas, or areas where vehicles are used and parked.

Just the job for sealing, protecting and dust-proofing concrete floors, floorsaver's two part epoxy floor paint gives concrete floors in factories, production areas, garages and warehouses a tough, long lasting and easy to clean finish. 

The right choice for garage floors as it'll stand up to hot tyres and resist automotive fluids and chemicals that ruin ordinary paint.  

It can be applied to bare concrete, sand, wood and cement screeds as well as existing well bonded paint. We recommend two coats, but if you're painting over an existing paint in a similar colour, one coat should be enough.

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    Step 1 - Preparation:

    • On bare, reasonably clean concrete wash with floorsaver Floor Etcher. This cleans and keys the surface.
    • For greasy or previously painted floors, clean with floorsaver Cleaner & Degreaser, scraping off any loose paint, dust or dirt. Lightly sand glossy paint to dull down the shine and roughen it up.
    • New concrete should be at least 2 months old and always washed with floorsaver Floor Etcher to reduce alkalinity and to remove any weak, loose cement deposits.


    Step 2 - Repairs:

    • Fill small surface holes and cracks using floorsaver Crack & Hole Filler. Use floorsaver Pourable Concrete Filler for holes 5mm-50mm deep. floorsaver Mouldable Filler can be used if you want a curved edge, such as a stair nosing, etc.


    Step 3 - Application:

    • Apply at a minimum temperature of 15 ℃.
    • If the floor is still damp as a result of cleaning, it's not a problem since this is a water based epoxy. However, don't put it onto floors where there is rising damp.
    • For both the 2.5 and 5L pack sizes there is a large tin of coloured curing agent and a smaller tin of resin. Stir the contents of the large tin, then add the contents of the small resin tin.
    • Give a good stir with something wide, like a wooden batten or a paint stirrer. If you use an electric paint mixer, also scrape around the sides and bottom of the tin to make sure it's all mixed in.
    • Now it's mixed you've got 2 hours to use it before it becomes unusable. Tip it into a roller tray.
    • Use a brush around the edges and a medium pile roller for the floor.
    • Wash equipment in warm soapy water before it dries, but it's probably more practical to just throw the rollers away.
    Interior/exterior usage Suitable for indoor use only
    • Virtually odourless - can be applied in confined areas
    • Good general chemical resistance
    Minimum application temperature  15
    Max operational temperature 60 ℃
    Curing times

    At 15 ℃-20℃:

    • Recoat - 12 hours. The second coat should be applied within 5 days of the first coat.
    • Walk on - 16-24 hours
    • Cars - 2-3 days
    • Full hardness, scratch & chemical resistance - 7 days
    • 5L covers up to 30m² per coat
    • 2.5L covers up to 15m² per coat
    Coats required 2. floorsaver Epoxy Floor Paint is a two part epoxy resin supplied as a tin of resin and a tin of curing agent. Once the contents of the two tins have been mixed together, a reaction takes place which causes the product to cure. This means that one 2.5L tin can’t be used for 2 coats. It will cover 15m² with one coat, but if you have for example, 7.5m², you can’t use half the 2.5L tin for the first coat, then wait for the first coat to dry before using the other half for the second coat – it will have gone off in the tin, so select two of these if you want to apply 2 coats to an area of up to 15m². If you have any questions please let us know.
    Usable working time ( at 15 ℃) 2 hours
    Shelf Life 12 months, if unopened, and should not be allowed to freeze


    We don't recommend:

    • Using outside - it can fade under UV, instead, use floorsaver Car Park Paint.
    • Applying to self-levelling floor screeds.
    • Applying to hard, very smooth power floated concrete where paint can't sink into the surface. If in doubt, tip a cup of water over the surface and see if it soaks in or not.
    • Applying to very weak, crumbly or contaminated concrete since it may not be possible to prepare it well enough for the Epoxy Floor Paint to perform.
    • Applying to metal since it can cause rusting.

    Product Information Sheet


    Resin Safety Sheet


    Curing Agent Safety Sheet



    Ask a Question
    • A: There is no reason why this would not be suitable for a pub toilet. Though it would not be completely resistant to urine and other staining, (similar to other paint systems), it would form a good seal and be quite hard wearing. It is also the cheapest available epoxy paint on the market so a very cost effective way of maintaining the look. Though I’m afraid it would still need over coating regularly in this environment.

    • A: Hi, our epoxy floor paint has a thickness of around 200-250 microns when applied in two coats, that’s essentially 0.2 of a millimetre. I am afraid it will not fill the holes and undulations on the surface. These would need to be addressed separately before painting if you were hoping to achieve a smooth painted finish.

    • A: Hi, unfortunately not, sorry.  We do not have any product suitable for a tiled surface as all of our paint coatings require a surface with porosity such as concrete and asphalt in order for it to adhere.

    • A: This is a water based epoxy paint coating, designed to be applied as a floor paint over concrete or similar surfaces. I am afraid the decorative style resins you are referring to are quite different and this would not work for that type of application.   However, should you ever wish to paint your garage floor this would be perfect for you!

    • A: This is a water based product that is low odour and has low VOC’s.  If you are applying it to wooden floorboards the water content might raise the grain of the wood, but this is ok providing you sand it between coats to get a smooth finish.

    • A: Unfortunately not.  Epoxy Floor Paint can fade under UV rays, instead we'd recommend our Floorsaver Car Park Paint.

    • A: A medium pile sheepskin roller is fine. It can be cut in with a paint brush.