Tarmac Top Coat - 5L

Tarmac Top Coat - 5L

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The quickest and easiest way to make old asphalt, tarmac and bitumen look like new - with the lowest price guaranteed. 

Give drab, grey tarmac and asphalt a new lease of life with floorsaver Tarmac Top Coat, an easy to use, single application refurbisher that is perfect for hiding stains and old markings on driveways, paths and car parks. 

The lowest price - guaranteed!

Extends the life of tarmac and asphalt surfaces

Quick and easy to apply by roller

Floorsaver Tarmac Top Coat is a one coat, thick bitumen based finish which transforms tired, grey tarmac and asphalt. Just apply by roller to hide stains and old markings on driveways, paths and car parks. It's also great for disguising dirt and dust caused by building work.

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    Step 1 - Preparation:

    • Most surfaces can just be swept to remove dirt and dust. If you have to jet wash do allow the surface to dry. Trapped moisture can delay Tarmac Top Coat drying. Floorsaver Cleaner & Degreaser is available to remove dirt, oil and grease.


    Step 2 - Repairs:

    • If there are small holes and cracks in the tarmac which you would like to fill before coating, mix dry sand with some Tarmac Top Coat to produce a stiff mortar. Prime the hole with a coat of Tarmac Top Coat and then trowel in the mortar. Leave this at least 3 hours at 15℃ to dry.


    Step 3 - Application:

    • Cut in round edges with a brush.
    • Tip into a roller tray and apply to main areas with a paint roller. Avoid 'flooding' the area and applying too thickly since this can extend the drying time. It might also temporarily soften your tarmac or asphalt.
    • Aim to cover 5-10m² with one coat from a 5L tin
    • Protect from rain for 1 hour after application.
    • If it does rain, water will become trapped in the surface. The product will still perform, but it might take 2-3 days to thoroughly dry out.
    • Clean equipment with White Spirit.
    • If a second coat is required, allow the first coat to dry for 5 hours, assuming it has not rained.
      Content Thick, bitumen based coating
      Primer Not required
      Interior/exterior usage Exterior use only
      Finish Black, low sheen finish
      Surfaces Floor
      Minimum application temperature 15℃
      Drying time
      • 2-5 hours at 5-20℃
      • 3 hours at 15℃ if mixing with sand to create a mortar (as described under 'How to use - Repairs')
      Application Apply by roller
      Coverage 5L covers 5-10m² depending on the texture of the substrate
      Shelf Life 12 months, if unopened and should not be allowed to freeze


      We don't recommend:
      • Using Tarmac Top Coat internally.
      • Application to very smooth mastic asphalt or similar surfaces.
      • Using Tarmac Top Coat to try to bind together weak, crumbling tarmac or asphalt.
      • Coating a surface which contains coal tar (quite unusual) since it can cause softening - If in doubt, apply a small test patch first.

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      • A: Yes, this product can be used to refurbish your asphalt. I would suggest applying it a coat at a time in the areas you want to build up, and yes you can add sand to thicken it which will also help to fill the dips.