Floor Paint Matt - 5L

Floor Paint Matt - 5L

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The toughest, best value concrete Floor Paint money can buy - with the lowest price guaranteed.

floorsaver concrete Floor Paint is easy to use, hard-wearing and great for improving the look of run-down floors. It's matt finish is great for hiding imperfections in concrete floors, so if you're floor isn't perfect this is paint for you.

The lowest price - guaranteed!

Great for workshops, factories and warehouses

Use it on most surfaces - concrete, wood, stone and cement

Stands up to oil and grease

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Two coats of floorsaver concrete Floor Paint provide a matt, easily cleaned finish. It dustproofs, seals and protects internal concrete floors and can be applied to bare concrete or existing well bonded paint. If you're re-coating over an existing paint of a similar colour, one coat should do the job.

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How to Use

Step 1 - Preparation:

  • On bare, reasonably clean concrete wash with floorsaver Floor Etcher. This cleans and keys the surface. On greasy or previously painted floors clean with floorsaver Cleaner & Degreaser, scraping off any loose paint, dust or dirt. New concrete should be at least 2 months old and always washed with floorsaver Floor Etcher to reduce alkalinity.

Step 2 - Repairs:

  • Fill small surface holes and cracks using floorsaver Crack & Hole Filler. Use floorsaver Pourable Concrete Filler for holes 5mm-50mm deep. floorsaver Mouldable Concrete Filler can be used if you want a curved edge, such as a stair nosing, etc.

Step 3 - Application:

  • Check the floor is dry before painting and that the temperature is a minimum of 15 ℃.
  • Stir the paint thoroughly.
  • Do not thin.
  • Tip into a roller tray.
  • Cut in around edges with a brush.
  • Apply to the floor area using a paint roller, working well into the surface. Bare concrete should be sufficiently porous to allow the first coat to sink in.
  • Clean equipment with White Spirit.

    Technical Spec

    Interior/exterior usage For interior use only
    Uses Suitable for bare concrete or existing well bonded paint, wood and most metal
    Properties Resists spills of oils and grease
    Coats 2 coats usually required, although 1 coat may be enough if painting over an existing floor paint of a similar colour
    • 5L covers up to 40m² per coat
    • 2.5L covers up to 20m² per coat
    Drying times

    At 15-20 ℃:

    • Recoat - 16 hours (if there is a time lapse between coats, the second coat must be applied within 5 days of the first coat)
    • Touch Dry - 10 hours
    • Light Foot Traffic - 24 hours
    • Full Use - 36 hours. Please check that the paint has fully cured before putting into full use
    Minimum application temperature 15 ℃
    Applications Tough enough for use in warehouses, workshops and for general industrial use
    Shelf life Shelf Life - 12 months, if unopened. Do not allow to freeze.


    We don't recommend:

    • Using this product in areas where cars are parked - instead use floorsaver Epoxy Floor Paint.
    • Using outside.
    • Applying to self-levelling floor screeds.
    • Applying to concrete contaminated with oil, grease, fats or wax.
    • Applying to hard, smooth, very dense or power floated concrete where the paint can't soak into the surface. If in doubt tip a cup of water onto the floor and see if it disappears.


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    Safety Sheet



    Ask a Question
    • A: Hi, unfortunately this is only suitable for interior use, not exterior.

      We do have a product called Car Park Paint which is a chlorinated rubber formulation making it deal for heavily trafficked outdoor areas. It's quick drying, long lasting and ideal for exterior concrete and asphalt floor surfaces.  Floorsaver Car Park Paint is showerproof in 1 hour, ready for foot traffic in 2 and can be applied in just one thick coat.  It comes in Grey or Mid Blue.

      Do look at our data sheet as that covers preparation, application, drying times, etc.  Our website address is www.floorsaver.co.uk

    • A: Yes, this is a polyurethane single pack paint that has flexibility to it, and would have some movement on wooden surfaces.