Exterior Floor Paint - 5L

Exterior Floor Paint - 5L

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A tough, attractive, anti slip paint for exterior surfaces. Can be applied to bare or previously painted concrete and asphalt in just one coat.

Excellent UV and weather resistance

Finely textured anti slip finish

Easy roller, one coat application

Ideal for car parks, playground, driveways and more

Lowest price guaranteed!

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    Floorsaver Exterior Floor Paint is a low odour, water-based acrylic that provides a coloured anti-slip surface on concrete and asphalt. It can be applied to bare surfaces or existing well bonded paint and improves the appearance of drab, stained concrete and faded asphalt and tarmac. One coat is usually enough, although a second coat may be required on very open textured or porous surfaces.

    It has excellent UV and weather resistance and can be applied easy with a roller to internal and external areas. Ideal for improving the appearance of car parks, playgrounds, driveways, or colour code to highlight safe walkway areas.

    How to Use

    Step 1 - Preparation:

    • Wash concrete or asphalt with Floorsaver Cleaner & Degreaser and allow to dry - (it does not matter if some residual damp remains after cleaning). Ensure the surface is sound, sweeping thoroughly to remove any grit or loose deposits.

    Step 2 – Application:

    • Apply at a temperature above 10°C and when rain is not forecast for at least 24 hours.
    • There is a fine anti-slip particle included in the mix, so a good stir is necessary to distribute any particles which may have settled – do this periodically throughout the application process.
    • Tip into a roller tray – don’t pour it onto the surface, it will be difficult to distribute.
    • Apply using a medium pile paint roller, cutting in around the edges with a brush. If applying to textured asphalt, don’t attempt to fill the crevices in the surface to achieve a smooth finish – otherwise coverage will greatly reduce and it will take a long time to dry. Instead allow the roller to leave the paint on the surface of the stones in the asphalt. On very porous or open textured surfaces, 2 coats may be required. The first can be thinned with 10% water to make application easier and help it to soak in.
    • Do not apply too thickly.

    Technical Spec

    Interior/exterior usage Suitable for interior and exterior use
    Uses Can be applied to bare surfaces or existing well bonded paint
    Properties Great UV and weather resistance
    Coats One coat is usually enough, although a second coat may be required on very porous or open textured surfaces
    Coverage 5L covers up to 15-20m² per coat
    Drying times
    • Recoat - 16 hours at 10°C, 6 hours at 20°C
    • Touch Dry - 8 hours at 10°C, 6 hours 20°C
    • Light Foot Traffic - 48 hours at 10°C, 24 hours at 20°C
    • Medium Traffic - 72 hours at 10°C, 48 hours at 20°C
    • Please check that the paint has fully dried before putting into full use.
    Minimum application temperature 10 ℃
    Applications Improves the appearance of drab, stained concrete and faded asphalt and tarmac
    Shelf life Shelf Life - 12 months, if unopened. Do not allow to freeze.

    We don't recommend:

    • Applying to new asphalt or tarmac which is less than 3 months old
    • Applying too thickly
    • Applying to concrete which is going to be subject to regular vehicle traffic, although it is fine on asphalt where vehicles are used


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    Ask a Question
    • A: Exterior Floor Paint unfortunately is no longer available in Grey. I'm afraid we don't have a suitable anti slip, grey paint for exterior use.

    • A: Moisture vapour permeable is commonly known as 'breathable' and we can confirm that Exterior Floor Paint is breathable.

    • A: Exterior Floor Paint approximately covers between 15-20m2 per 5lt unit. The porosity of the surface will need to be taken into consideration, as if it is smooth this may require additional preparation. Please contact us if you require any further advice.