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A hot applied sealant kit with everything you need for strong, long lasting crack and joint repairs that will not melt away in the heat, or crack in the cold. 

Perfect for crack and joint repairs on concrete and asphalt surfaces, EASY4Cracks delivers weatherproof, temperature resistant repairs that lock out water and debris, preventing further damage and extending the life of your floors.

  • Ideal for driveways, paths, car parks, hard standing areas and even flat roofs.
  • Commercial grade high quality, low cost & easy to use
  • Repairs last up to 5 years longer than alternative cold systems

  • EASY4Cracks is an easy to use, hot applied sealant kit that provides commercial-grade, low costs repairs. Repairs cool to a pliable, rubber-like consistency that can still expand and contract with temperature changes, and keep water and debris out preventing further damage and saving you money!


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    Step 1: Using a screwdriver and/or brush clean out the cracks to be filled. Remove all dirt, vegetation and loose debris. The cleaner the crack, the better the hot sealant will bond and resist plant growth. The cracks must be dry before applying the hot sealant.

    Step 2: For wide or deep cracks add some 10mm aggregate to reinforce the bond and strengthen the repair.

    Step 3: Put the Heater into the Kettle vertically and plug it in; the green indicator will light. Press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds and the red indicator light will flash. When fully heated and ready to use, a buzzer will sound and the Heater will automatically shut off. Carefully remove the Heater from the Kettle and place the Heater onto the metal stand, with the wax pad below it to catch any drips.

    Step 4: When the sealant is liquefied it is ready to pour and seal cracks.
    Note: Always wear appropriate protective attire when pouring hot sealant to protect exposed skin and eyes.

    Step 5. Apply the hot sealant by pouring it into the crack gently and evenly in approximately 1 metre sections. Allow the hot sealant to form a crown on the surface of the crack, then with a spatula smooth it and feather the edges to overlap the crack by approximately 2 cm on either side.
    Note: Avoid using during inclement weather, i.e. rain or snow, as it will not bond properly.

    Step 6: If additional sealer is required put one or two Refills into the Kettle (leave Refill in the plastic wrap and place in the Kettle) and repeat Step 3.

    Step 7: If the sealant in the Kettle thickens/solidifies during the application process or not all is used on the job, the sealant can be re-heated up to 3 times before losing its integrity.
    Note: If any of the joints on the Kettle itself fail as a result of being heated too many times, discard and purchase a ‘Replacement Kettle Kit’. Do not continue to use.

    Step 8: Once applied EASY4Cracks is effective and fully functional in temperatures from -20⁰C to 70⁰C.
    The product will soften and deform under pressure in higher temperatures but whilst being soft and flexible it will stay in place. It will not stick to tyres or shoe soles, and will return to its original finished shape once the pressure is removed.


    Top Tip - Be careful when applying the product and removing the heater from the kettle, it will be hot!

    Pack electric heater, kettle, metal stand, spatula (for smoothing the filler) and drip pad
    Interior/exterior usage exterior
    Surfaces Asphalt, driveways, pathways, concrete, bitumen flat roofs  
    Usage Guidelines
    • The temperature performance limits  -7.6°F to 168.8°F (-22℃ to 76℃) for crack sealing and -22°F to 179.6°F (-30℃ to 82℃) for crack filling. This package will seal cracks 38 ft (11.6 meters) long, 1/2” (13mm) wide, and 1/2” (13mm) deep.
    Coats 1
    Coverage 12m x 1cm x 1cm


    Safety advice:


    • Only use the dedicated Heater for heating the Kettle, DO NOT USE ANY OTHER METHOD
    • If heating Refills only heat a maximum of two refills at a time; there is no need to remove the plastic bags
    • Wear protective clothing
    • Avoid contact with sealant on skin. If hot sealant comes into contact with skin apply a steady flow of cold water to the area for at least 10 minutes or until any pain settles. If contact is very severe, use emergency services
    • Do not remove clothing from a burn injury if it is sticking to it
    • Do not heat indoors or in adverse weather
    • Protect bare skin, face and eyes from hot sealant
    • Do not touch the heater or the kettle when in use with bare hands
    • Store product indoors when not in use
    • Keep away from children and animals
    • Disconnect Heater from the mains before cleaning
    • Do not immerse Heater or hot sealant in water
    • Do not use a water spray to clean the products
    • If using an extension lead ensure it is fit for purpose
    • Do not allow the cord to sit in water or become a trip hazard

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    Safety Sheet



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    • A: Hi, yes, the kit contains an asphalt rubber based material!  If you click on the second picture on the product page you will see it.  I did notice that it doesn't say it's included in the kit on the website (but it is!) so thanks for bringing that to our attention.