Car Park Paint

Car Park Paint

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The perfect paint for clear, durable and waterproof markings on heavily trafficked outdoor areas - with the lowest price guaranteed. 

Great for quick drying, long lasting markings on busy exterior concrete and asphalt floor surfaces, floorsaver Car Park Paint is showerproof in 1 hour, ready for foot traffic in 2 and can be applied in coat. 

The lowest price - guaranteed!

Ideal for car parks, walkways, playgrounds

Dries quickly - showerproof in 1 hour, you can walk on it in 2 hours

Apply in one coat




floorsaver Car Park Paint can be applied at a lower temperature than water based or most epoxy products and dries quickly to enable you to get the area back into action. It's also 'showerproof' quickly too. One thick, easy to apply coat is all you need on most surfaces.

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Step 1 - Preparation:

  • Use on bare concrete or asphalt/tarmac surfaces. If your floor has been previously painted and you can't remove it, lightly sand it to get a bit of a key and apply a test patch first to make sure that the solvent in Car Park Paint does not react with the existing coating.
  • Sweep to remove dust and loose dirt. Remove grease and oil using floorsaver Cleaner and Degreaser. Very smooth concrete should be keyed (roughened up) using floorsaver Floor Etcher.
  • Car Park Paint should be applied to a dry surface.


Step 2 - Repairs:

  • Use floorsaver Pourable Concrete Filler to fill holes in excess of 5mm deep in concrete.
  • floorsaver Mouldable Concrete Filler can be used if you have to repair a step nosing or kerb edge or anything else 'shaped'.


Step 3 - Application:

  • Stir thoroughly.
  • Apply one high build coat by roller or brush.
  • Aim to cover 14-18 m² per 5L with one thick coat.


Tip - Don't leave the lid off the tin for any length of time as the paint will soon skim over.

Content Chlorinated rubber formulation
Pack Single Pack
Interior/exterior usage Suitable for exterior usage only
Surfaces Bare concrete or asphalt
  • Fast curing
  • Flexible
  • Hard wearing
  • Can be applied at temperatures as low as 5
Drying times
  • Touch dry: 20 minutes at 15-20, 40 minutes at 10, 1 hour at 5 ℃
  • Showerproof: 1 hour at 15-20, 2 hours at 10, 4 hours at 5
  • Walk on: 2 hours at 15-20, 4 hours at 10, 6 hours at 5
  • Car Traffic: 6-12 hours at 15-20, 12-16 hours at 10, 24 hours at 5
Coats One coat is usually sufficient
Coverage 14-18m² per 5L with one thick coat


We don't recommend:

  • Using indoors, unless it is a very well ventilated area such as a loading bay.
  • Applying to asphalt or tarmac which is less than 3 months old.
  • Application to very smooth mastic asphalt or similar surfaces.
  • Coating a surface which contains coal tar (quite unusual), since it can cause softening - if in doubt apply a small test patch first.
  • Trying to clean the applicators, unless you have a strong solvent available such as xylene.
  • Applying to any substrate which may be affected by the solvent (xylene) contained in Car Park Paint.

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Ask a Question
  • A: Hi, usually only one coat is required. Though you can apply a second coat after 24 hours if preferred.

  • A: Hi, we are planning to make more colours. We would like to add grey and possibly black and then some line marking colurs too (white/Yellow) unfortunately we are not able to do this currnetly but something we will look to do in the future.

  • A: Hi,  Thank you for your enquiry,

    Unfortunately we are currently out of stock of the car park paint. For an internal garage floor we would recommend using our Epoxy Floor Paint. This is a water based epoxy suitable to withstand vehicles.

    Please see link below for more product details.

    If i can help further please let me know.



  • A: Hi, the Car Park Paint is only available in blue, unfortunately the Exterior Paint is available in red but is out of stock at the moment and restocking is taking a bit longer than normal because of the crisis and is expected back in approx. 15 working days.

  • A: Hi, Car Park Paint only comes in a Blue.

  • A: I think that product will be too smooth and you may well find it gets slippery when it rains. I would have a look at the Floor Saver Exterior Floor Paint. This one has a gritty texture and is still tough – unfortunately it does only come in grey, red or yellow though. You will need 2x tins for your area size - I’m sorry we do not do samples of this product so I am unable to send you one.   Hope that helps, but  please do let us know if you have any other questions.

  • A: Floorsaver Car Park Paint only comes in the one shade of grey - sorry!  It is based on a chlorinated rubber formulation and therefore would only be compatible with another coating of this type.