Safety Grip - Anti Slip Sheet - 1m x 1m

Safety Grip - Anti Slip Sheet - 1m x 1m

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An easy to apply self adhesive PVC sheet with a tough gritty surface, which provides an instant anti slip surface for work spaces, landings or doorways. 


Easily cut on site to fit to the required space

Easy to apply and can be re-positioned after first application without leaving a mark

Oil resistant

Can be folded to 90° without cracking


How to Use

Surface Preparation
Apply to clean, smooth, dry surfaces such as painted or varnished wood, concrete, metal, tiles, and Terrazzo. Apply direct to smooth, hard concrete; dusty concrete will require a primer.

Smooth, non porous, dust free surfaces do not require priming. To improve adhesion on weak, dusty surfaces, apply a coat of Safety Tape Primer.

If appearance is critical we recommend the application of a small trial area first.

Avoid application at temperatures below 10℃. Low temperatures can reduce adhesion. On steps and nosings, apply the product approximately 10mm in from the edge to prevent premature wear and edge curl. Peel back the backing strip approximately 50mm to reveal the adhesive layer. Avoid removing too much of the backing strip, but slowly keep peeling it back whilst firming the product into place. Firming down by hand or foot pressure is generally sufficient.

Although the product can be walked on virtually straight away, the adhesive can take 24 hours to set fully. Immediately after placing the item onto the substrate, it can be peeled off reasonably easily. Please allow the adhesive to set if using in heavily trafficked or hazardous areas.

Technical Spec

Primer required Yes, if on dusty, porous or gritty surfaces
Service temperature Can range between -30℃ and 70℃
Interior/exterior usage Suitable in interior and exterior locations
Properties Self adhesive, anti slip. easily cut, easy to apply, can be folded 90° without cracking
Surfaces Floor, ramps


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  • A: The weight of a 1m x 1m safety grip sheet is approx. 7kg.