Epoxy Repair Mortar - 20KG

Epoxy Repair Mortar - 20KG

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Epoxy mortar for rock hard repairs to floors and steps. Great for extreme traffic areas, floorsaver Epoxy Repair Mortar stands up to heavy wear and tear. Use it for permanent repairs to holes, cracks, broken kerb edges and step nosings in your toughest environments.

Does the job first time – it won’t crack or break

So strong it can be feather edged

No priming needed – just clean, mix and apply

Walk on after 5-6 hours. Ready for forklifts after 12 hours

      floorsaver Epoxy Repair Mortar is a two-pack epoxy resin formulation for repairs to holes, cracks, broken kerb edges and step nosings, Great for areas of extreme wear and tear, (factories, driveways, warehouses, car parks), it gives a permanent repair every time.

      Full strength at just 5mm, it can be applied up to 50mm in one go. There’s no need to prime and it needs minimal preparation. Just clean the area with a wire brush to remove any loose concrete. Or, use our Cleaner & Degreaser to get rid of oil or grease. Then, mix and push it into place with a trowel.

      Repairs are ready for foot traffic in 5-6 hours and for heavy use after 12 hours.

      A 10kg tub covers 1.2m² at a depth of 5mm.

      Please note Epoxy Repair Mortar 20kg will be delivered in 2 x 10kg tubs.

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      • Pourable Concrete Filler – pourable cement/polymer based hole filler for heavily used concrete floors
      • Mouldable Concrete Filler – mouldable cement/polymer based repair for step nosings, kerb edges and broken stonework (horizontally or vertically)


      Step 1 – Preparation:

      • Minimal prep is required. Wire brush the area to remove any general dirt and weak cement, then sweep out any loose material from the hole. If the surface is oily or greasy and you can’t remove this with the wire brush, give it a good clean with Floorsaver Cleaner & Degreaser
      • It is important to make sure the floor is dry - do not apply this to a damp surface
      • Temperature should be at least 15°C. The warmer it is the quicker it will take to harden, but don’t apply it if the temperature falls below 10°C


      Step 2 – Mixing:

      • Tip the sand (which is supplied already mixed up with the resin) onto a mixing board and form a well. Thoroughly shake the four bottles of curing agent pour them into the well and begin to mix using a trowel until you have a smooth grey mortar. It is possible to part mix by dividing the sand into four and using just one bottle of curing agent for each. However, do not break it down any further than this since the curing agent itself should not be part mixed
      • The mix is quite stiff and dry, but if you put plastic gloves on you will quickly get a wetter mix which is easier to work with and trowel into place


      Step 3 – Application:

      • Once mixed you have approximately up to an hour to use it depending on temperature
      • Push the Epoxy Repair Mortar into place with a trowel. A trowel wiped with White Spirit will help achieve a smoother finish
      • Best results at only 5mm thick. There is no need to apply it thicker, but you can apply up to 50mm in one go to repair deeper holes
      Primer No primer required
      Interior/exterior usage Suitable for interior and exterior use
      Uses For holes, cracks, broken kerb edges and step nosings etc.
      Drying times Foot Traffic
      • 5-6 hours at 15°C
      Heavy Traffic
      • Vehicles and forklifts 12 hours at 15°C
      • At 10°C drying times will be longer. As a guide allow 8 hours for foot traffic and 16 hours for heavy traffic.
      • Epoxy Repair Mortar can be painted after 12 hours at 15°C
      Coverage A 20KG unit will cover 2.4m² at a depth of 5mm
      • Non-dusting, non-shrink, non-slip mortar
      • Maintenance free
      Shelf life 12 months if unopened and should not be allowed to freeze


      We don't recommend:

      • Using at temperatures below 10°C
      • Applying to damp surface
      • Using it at a depth of more than 50mm in one go, (but you can apply it in 50mm layers, or floorsaver Pourable Concrete Filler may be more suitable)

      Product Information Sheet


      Resin Safety Sheet


      Curing Agent Safety Sheet



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      • A: Epoxy Repair Mortar is quite stiff to work with, but if you put plastic gloves on and 'knead' it by hand, it 'wets out' the resin into the sand much more effectively, and within a minute or two you end up with something like the consistency of dough which makes it easier to work with.