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Ice Melt

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Ice Melt from floorsaver is a quick and easy solution to de-ice asphalt, concrete and other surfaces to enhance safety in cold conditions.

    Floorsaver Ice Melt rapidly and effectively melts ice and snow and is safe to use on concrete, asphalt and most surfaces. This de-icer is a quick and simple way of preventing accidents icy or snowy conditions. It is 30 times more effective than Rock Salt, and it’s cleaner to use since you are not left with a gritty residue. Unfortunately it is not pet friendly.


    Step 1 – Preparation

        • Sweep away any build-up of snow using a stiff broom.  If this isn’t practical move on to Step 2.
        • Ice Melt is safe to use on most surfaces, however, for weak, sensitive or decorative areas (such as coloured surfaces or tiles) where staining or potential damage may be an issue, we recommend that a small test area is carried out before using it over the main area.   

    Step 2 – Application

        • Lightly sprinkle Floorsaver Ice Melt (wearing plastic gloves) over the snow or ice and within a few seconds it will start to work.
        • Do not put it on too thickly – aim to cover 60m2 per 6kg container.
        • After 1 hour sweep the area again to remove any remaining Ice Melt.  Do not leave it on for more than 1 hour.
    Content Calcium Chloride
    Pack Size 6kg
    Interior/exterior usage Suitable for exterior usage only
    Surfaces Concrete (at least one year old) or asphalt
    Shelf Life 12 months and if opened the container must be re-sealed so that it’s air-tight
    Coverage Approximately 60m²


    We don't recommend:

        • Applying this to weak, sensitive or decorative areas without carrying out a trial area first (see Step 1).
        • Applying it too thickly.
        • Leaving it on for more than 1 hour.
        • Applying to concrete which is less than 1 year old.
        • Applying to metal – Ice Melt can cause rusting on some metal surfaces.
        • Applying if the temperature drops below -30°C.

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